GII FOUNDATION - Foundation & Membership School (F&M)

The F&M school provides strong biblical training for growth & spiritual maturity.

  • New Creation Realities
  • Word Foundation
  • Covenant Life Style I
  • Prayer Power
  • Kingdom Service
  • Holy Spirit
  • Understanding your Church

GII ADVANCED (Level 1-5)

GII advanced stage offers a multi-level study programme. Each level and the courses offered are outlined below:

This module is fundamental to helping participants identify the individual purpose, understand their strength and maximize all that God has deposited in them.

Module Content:

  1. Understanding Universal & Individual Purpose
  2. Strength Finder
  3. Understanding Your Strengths in the marketplace
  4. Gifts vs Callings
  5. Plotting your wheel of Life
  6. Seven Mountains
  7. Big Picture Thinking

Making relevant, positive and effective life choices and decisions lead to maximizing their potential and securing a more fulfilling life. This module ignites the journey.

Module Content:

  1. Spiritual Capacity Building
  2. Walking in Love
  3. Covenant Lifestyle II
  4. Personal Effectiveness and Organization
  5. Success Habits
  6. Managing Personal Finance
  7. Health Matters

This module is designed to help participants develop business skills necessary to build an enterprise as well as excel in their careers.

Module Content:

  1. The Entrepreneur
  2. The 7-Star Employee
  3. Business Management & Operations
  4. Money Management Masterclass (MMM)
  5. People Resourcing & Management
  6. Legality & Compliance
  7. Not for Profit Masterclass
  8. Governance (Power, Politics & Business)
  9. Moving from Employee to Employer

At the end of this level, participants would have acquired critical leadership skills for all aspects of life and living.

Module Content:

  1. The 360 ° Leader – Lateral and Parallel Leadership
  2. The V - C - P - R Model
  3. The Leadership Process – Studies From the Life of Joseph and Jesus.
  4. Team Work Dynamics – Maximizing the Potentials Of Your Team.
  5. Systems Thinking – Managing Operational Complexities.
  6. Organizational Growth – Capitalizing on the Triple Constraint Model.
  7. Delegating and Succession Planning – Next Generation.

The Executive coaching class is designed to furnish flourishing Business Women/Men and Entrepreneurs at Top Management level with access to executive coaching from a global team of leaders and experts.

Coaching Areas:

  1. Global Influence & Protocol
  2. Legacy Thinking
  3. Family Focus
  4. Emotional Health Management